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The Pleasanton City Council has appointed the following to serve on the City of Pleasanton Planning and Zoning Commission:  Erich Franke, Chairman; Ben Garza, Vice-Chairman; Landa Diaz, Secretary; Ray Samsel; Kenny Hernandez, Donna Uecker, and Bill Lamb.  The group has developed the following mission statement: 


Pleasanton’s City Planning and Zoning Commission is dedicated to improving the quality of life by promoting the highest standards for development and revitalization in all of its neighborhoods and employment centers.  Acting in an advisory capacity, our focus is to make sure future developments are appropriate and the vision of City leaders and citizens is realized by thoughtful planning of public and private buildings, public spaces and parks.  The Planning and Zoning Commission is committed to ensuring that Pleasanton maintains its unique characteristics. 

There are several specific steps to accomplish in the process and the commission will rely on assistance from professional planners.  However, the biggest contribution to the process comes from our citizens.  The group is planning introductory meetings in each of the City’s six election districts to help explain the process and involve as many residents and business owners as possible.


Who should attend?

Residents and other interested parties may attend any of the sessions, they are simply set in the different districts to bring them closer and allow each Councilmember the opportunity to participate individually.  You do not have to be experienced in creating master plans, just willing to express your opinions of how you want Pleasanton to look in the next ten to twenty years.  We look forward to a big crowd at each of these meetings and will have handouts available to help explain the details.  Refreshments will be available.  See you then!