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The Pleasanton Municipal Court is the local branch of the judicial system, which enforces criminal laws, traffic laws and municipal ordinances within the court’s jurisdiction.

The Pleasanton Municipal Court’s operations are committed to providing quality customer service to all who appear in the court while we diligently execute the administrative duties of the Municipal Court as set forth by law. We promise to be innovative in creating methods and techniques that allow us to be more responsive to the needs of the public.


HOURS 8:00 AM -12:30 PM
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P. O. BOX 209

Thursday, March 28th, 2019 at 9:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M.

Why does my citation not appear in the system?

It could take a few business days before the citation is submitted by the officer to the court clerk and for it to be entered in to the system.

What are my options?

Online and telephone payments constitute a plea of No Contest and are entered as a guilty judgment. The judgment is reported to the Department of Public Safety as a conviction on your driving record.

If eligible, there are two options available if you want to keep the offense off your driving record.

-        Deferred Disposition

-        Driving Safety Couse. 

If you are unable to pay the fine and court costs of a conviction and your household income falls under 125% of the federal poverty guidelines; you may apply to work community service hours to pay the fine owed.

How can I check to see if my ticket is in warrant status?

Warrant listings can be found online: under Search, type in your Driver’s License number and date of birth.

When is my court date?

You are given an appearance date meaning that you must appear either in person or by mail within 15 days of receiving your citation.

The state of Texas has special requirements for juvenile defendants that can be found here:

               Juvenile Defendants

Laws of the State of Texas govern juvenile defendants. Please note the following:

  • All juvenile defendants who are under the age of 17 at the time of receiving the citation must appear in Open Court before the Judge at a Juvenile Plea Hearing, even if the defendant wishes to be represented by an attorney.
  • A parent or legal guardian is also required to attend the hearing with the defendant. These hearings are scheduled by the clerks. Notices to appear at the Juvenile Plea Hearing are mailed to the defendant and will contain the date, time, and location of the hearing.
  • At the Juvenile Plea Hearing, the defendant will have an opportunity to enter a plea. If a plea of Not Guilty is entered, another court date will be scheduled at that time.
  • If eligible, defendants who enter a plea of No Contest or Guilty may be considered for the following dismissal options with Deferred Disposition. Successful completion of these programs will result in the dismissal of the citation. Each option is restricted to specific types of offenses and defendants who have received multiple violations in the past or who have criminal histories involving assault or gang related offenses may not qualify for some programs.
  • Defendants who are eligible to participate in any Deferred Disposition program are encouraged to pay for required court costs and fees at the Plea Hearing.


Can I get an extension over the phone?

No, a request for an extension must be in person.

I would like to talk to the Judge. How can I do that?

Judge is available Monday through Friday and appointments must be scheduled in person with a court clerk prior to seeing the Judge. These dockets may be cancelled at any time. You may contact this number (830)569-6828 to confirm the dockets have not been cancelled.

What is the court attire?

  • No tank/ halter/ strapless tops
  • No short shorts or short skirts
  • No baggy pants
  • No hats or caps
  • Shoes are required

How do I request Community Service?

Defendant must appear in person or by mail to request the Community Service Application. The application will not be considered if proper proof is not supplied nor will you be contacted for further information. Therefore, whatever is put on the application has to be backed up with documentation.

               The following documents, if they apply, MUST be attached to support the application:

  • Current paystubs, W2, or income tax filing for all persons working in the household.
  • Proof of public assistance received by anyone in the household
  1. Housing; Food Stamps
  2. TANF, and
  3. Medicaid
  4. Unemployment payments received by anyone in the household
  5. Worker’s compensation payments received by anyone in the household
  6. SSI or SSD award letter received by anyone in the household
  7. Letter form employer indicating a layoff or reducing of hours received by anyone in the household; and
  8. Medical records of anyone in the household indicating inability to work

-        You will only be allowed to work Community Service hours if you are found indigent: “A level of poverty in which real hardship and deprivation are suffered and comforts of life are wholly lacking.”

Note: Under State Law, a Judge also has the authority to waive payment and community service hours if the defendant presents proof that all alternative methods of discharging the fine and court costs would impose an undue hardship upon the defendant.

How do I request a Payment Plan?

Payment plans must be requested in person or in writing:

Mailing address:

Pleasanton Municipal Court

P.O. BOX 209

Pleasanton, TX 78064



Judge Sheila Garza

Rosalia Sosa
Shayla Hopes

Roberto (Bobby) Maldonado


Citations can now be paid by phone or online. CLICK HERE to make your payment online or call 1.800.444.1187

You can also request Deferred Disposition or Driving Safety Courses HERE.