Kiosk Now Open and Ready for Use

We are pleased to announce that our Kiosk is up and running.
Customers will now be able to pay their utility bill 24 hours a day.
Kiosk accepts cash, credit cards and checks. It is user friendly and
prompts the customers with step by step instructions.
Disclaimer: Customer's with statement billing will not be able to use
the kiosk at the moment. Please note that the kiosk does NOT dispense coins.
If you pay your bill with cash, the amount owed will be rounded to the nearest
dollar. The difference will be credited to your account.

Watch the How-To Tutorial on how to utilize the kiosk HERE

kiosk - Copy

City Manager Johnny Huizar, Finance Director Kristi Bandy,
Executive Assistant to the City Manager Kimberly Sanchez,
and the Utilities Accounts Receivable Department: Mari Rosa,
Barbara Madison and Elena Garcia,
standing in front of the new kiosk at City Hall.