Alamo Area Council of Governments partners with the City of Pleasanton to host a Medication Take Back Event for Atascosa County Residents

Medication Take Back Day (3)   The Alamo Area Council of Governments     
   (AACOG), in partnership with the City of
   Pleasanton, is hosting a medication take back
   event for the residents in the Atascosa
   County area

    This event is open to the public at large and is free of charge. 
    Participants are 
encouraged to bring all their old medications and   
    to either place all their
 medication in a clear bag or remove labels 
    from medication bottles if they
contain personal information. This 
    event will be held on Tuesday, August 11th
at the Pleasanton Civic 
    Center from 8am – 1pm (CST).

    AACOG staff will be set up outside the Pleasanton Civic Center 
participants can simply drive by and drop off medication from 
   the safety of
 their cars. Social distancing practices will be enforced,
   and a law enforcement
officer will be present. Free giveaways will
   be provided to all participants. This
event is made possible by
    funding from a USDA grant. Free transportation is
 available from
    AACOG by calling  8 6 6 - 8 8 9 - 7 4 3 3.