Pleasanton Business Ventures Grant Program

Business Venture Flyer - Copy
The City of Pleasanton is re-launching a new small business grant program, called the “Pleasanton Business Venture Program.” This program will provide Pleasanton businesses
access to a competitive grant of up to $10,000.  Funds are intended to provide working capital to support business growth and development.  To jumpstart Business Venture Program, the Pleasanton City Council has approved a total of $50,000 for the first six-month phase.  The city is using part of its allocated American Rescue Plan funds to support this new grant program.  Click here for the application which can be submitted to Janice Gonzalez at JANICE.GONZALEZ@EMCSTRATEGYGROUP.COM

Applicants Eligibility Rules - The Pleasanton Business Venture Program is available for Pleasanton residents who own businesses or want to establish a new business within the City of Pleasanton. The project is for new or existing businesses. Businesses that generate new money into the local economy through the export of products or services outside of the City of Pleasanton will be given stronger consideration. Applicants that demonstrate a cob creation element as part of their business plan will also be given stronger consideration. Prior Activity – Applicants can apply as many times as possible; however, they can only be funded once. To view the full packet of requirements as well as the Business Plan format please click here.