Public Announcement  (The Halpin Well is back on-line)

“Greetings, Pleasanton,
The Halpin Well is back on-line. All TCEQ-required water samples were submitted and passed, so the next step is to readjust pressure planes city-wide; we will commence that process tomorrow morning, Tuesday, August 30, at 9 am. Since this will entail the opening and closing of various valves, water flow will change direction; as a result, residents city-wide may notice cloudy water. Some residents may also experience higher water pressure than what they were used to the past month.
If cloudy water persists for more than four hours (approximately 1 pm) or if you are concerned about your water pressure, please call Public Works at (830)569-3155 to report this; the Utilities Department will investigate accordingly.

We thank you for your understanding during this period; as always, it is greatly appreciated.”