First Step Volunteer Fair Day

Did you know an act of service can bring a positive, lasting change to your community ?Are you wanting to make a difference and become a volunteer but do not know who and where to help?

You have that opportunity to serve and help the people who need your help the most! Visit the Volunteer Fair day where you will be able to connect with the people, non-profits, churches, and advocacy agencies that depend on volunteers that continue to help our city and community. This fair day is the first step you need to be the difference you wish to see in your community. 

We encourage you to bring your talents, time, and resources and become a volunteer! 

DATE: Saturday November 17th, 2018, 10 AM -12  PM
LOCATION: Pleasanton Civic Center

Are you a non profit who needs volunteers? Contact the Civic Center at 830-569-5904 to register for the fair day!