Request for Sealed Competitive Proposals For Pleasanton River Park Restroom - Building and Pavilions

NOTICE TO PROPOSERS: REQUEST FOR SEALED COMPETITIVE PROPOSALS FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF PLEASANTON RIVER PARK – RESTROOM BUILDING AND PAVILIONS “Burditt Consultants, LLC on behalf of the City of Pleasanton will receive general contractor sealed competitive proposals for the construction of a new restroom building and two pavilions. Sealed competitive proposals will be received by the City of Pleasanton, from interested proposers until 2:00 PM (Local Time) on Thursday, November 29, 2018, at 108 2 nd St. Pleasanton, Texas 78064, Phone: (830) 569-3155. Proposals received after 2:00 PM (Local Time) will be returned unopened. A pre-proposal conference will be held on November 20, 2018, at 1:00 p.m. (Local Time), at the City of Pleasanton located at 108 2nd St. Pleasanton, Texas 78064, Phone: (830) 569-3155, Attendance at the pre-proposal conference is highly recommended. On November 14, 2018, electronic copies (PDF) of the drawings and project manual may be obtained from Burditt Consultants, LLC. Contact: Eric Geppelt or Laura Howard at 936-756-3041. All questions regarding the project and proposal process shall be directed to Burditt Consultants, LLC. The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all Competitive Sealed Proposals and any informalities in Competitive Sealed Proposal and Proposal procedure. The Owner reserves the right to select the proposal that offers the best value for the Owner. By submitting a proposal, each proposer agrees to waive any claim it has or may have against the Owner, Architect, employees, and their consultants arising out of or in connection with the administration, evaluation, or recommendation of any proposal; waiver of any requirements under the Proposal Documents, or the Contract Documents; acceptance or rejection of any proposals; and award of a Contract.”             

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