The Pleasanton Police Department's image and reputation depend on the personal integrity and discipline of all departmental employees. The Pleasanton Police Department understands that the public image of the Department is determined largely by a professional response to allegations of misconduct against our employees. The Pleasanton Police Department will competently and impartially investigate all allegations of misconduct by our employees and complaints bearing on our Department's response to community needs.

The Pleasanton Police Department encourages any person to bring forward grievances regarding misconduct by our employees. All complaints alleging a violation of the law or policy will be investigated. Complaints regarding law-enforcement operations will usually be handled through the chain of command, beginning with the first-line supervisor. Complaints involving how law-enforcement service is provided or a failure to provide service or improper attitudes or behavior may be investigated by an assigned supervisor or by the Chief of Police.

All complaints regardless of nature, can be filed at any time in any of the ways listed below:

  • * in person at 704 W. Oaklawn
  • * by mail at 704 W. Oaklawn, Pleasanton, Texas 78064
  • * complaints must be made in writing
As part of the follow-up investigation, persons making complaints by mail or phone will normally be interviewed and a signed complaint prepared. A signed letter of complaint will be accepted as a signed complaint without requiring any specific form. Anonymous complaints will be followed up to the extent possible.

Once a complaint is received, Pleasanton Police Department will notify the complainant, in writing, as soon as practical, that the Department acknowledges receipt of the complaint, that it is under investigation and that the complainant will be advised of the outcome. The Pleasanton Police Department will make every effort to facilitate the convenient, courteous, and prompt receipt and processing of any person's complaint.