My Water Advisor® 2.0

My Water Advisor 2.0 App Info & Setup:

The City is offering a free service to allow residential customers access to their consumption habits. My Water Advisor® 2.0 easily allows you to access your account via a web-ready device (computer, lap- top, tablet, or smartphone application) in real-time, while providing the following benefits:

  • Create monthly water budgets 
  • Proactively conserve water
  • Address high consumption during the month – not after it’s too late when the bill arrives 
  • Be notified of leaks throughout the month to address them promptly.

Set up Your Account in Four Easy Steps:
Note: Your harmony app login MUST match your city account information EXACTLY.

1. Go to My Water Advisor® 2.0
3. Choose the following sign up options: 
     > Enter your Account Number & Enter your Full Name as it appears on your bill
     > Enter cell number (Enter the primary cell phone number registered with your utility or service provider)
4. Enter a valid Email Address and create a Password

Need some extra help? Download our Harmony App User Guide: User Guide