Nine Pleasanton PD Officers Recognized with Merit Awards

merit officers
At the May 9th City Council meeting, nine officers were given merit awards for their brave, and effective response to a dangerous situation. Read the full merit below:

On February 26th, 2024 at around 3 P.M. officers were dispatched to the 400 block of Franklin Street in reference to a male who pointed a firearm towards his mother and threaten to shoot her if she called police. While enroute the responding officers were informed the male was also a wanted person.

Once on scene, the responding officers were able to coordinate a plan in safely removing the mother which was then safely executed on arrival. With the mother removed out of harm’s way, more intel was gathered and utilized in formulating a plan to take the male suspect, whom had now barricaded himself within the residence, safely into custody.

It was at this time the Patrol command staff and patrol officers constructed a perimeter to assure the male suspect had no other way of escaping except into police custody. 

Due to the time now nearing the release of school campuses around the city, communication from on scene officers to Dispatch and Dispatch to Pleasanton ISD Police took place to take precautions regarding bus routes and children walking in the area.

With the perimeter established, which now consisted of patrol officers, the Criminal Investigation Division and an 81st District Attorney Office Investigator, an orchestrated plan by the on scene patrol command staff was initiated which consisted of utilizing a loud speaker and cellphone communication in an attempt to convince the male suspect to surrender peacefully.  While attempting to convince the suspect to come out peacefully, the male suspect fired one round within the residence. Still after the fired gun round, continued attempts using the loudspeaker and phone calls were made commanding the suspect to surrender with no response.

After no response from the suspect, the decision was then made to deploy a less lethal projectile through a window where the suspect was believed to be barricaded. Immediately after the less lethal projectile was deployed the suspect began yelling from within the residence stating he was going to come out.

The suspect then exited at the front of the residence and stood at the front porch. Having site of the male suspect, a tactical team, made of detectives and patrol officers was quickly assembled, tactically approached the male suspect, and took the male suspect safely into custody.

Having the scene cleared, the Criminal Investigation Division reassembled and descended on the scene and immediately began to process the crime scene, collect evidence and statements. CID members were able to recover the suspect’s firearm and additional evidence pertaining to the incident.

At the conclusion of the investigation, no one was injured and the male suspect was safely in police custody under arrest facing numerous criminal charges.

In reviewing the stated incident, the on-site law enforcement personal demonstrated great patience, fast thinking, great communication skills and executed skilled tactical training for this type of incident. The on duty Dispatcher demonstrated patience and excellent communication skills communicating information both to the on scene and ISD personal. So this evening pertaining to the stated incident, in front of city council and the general public, I’d like to recognize and give merit to the law enforcement personal and dispatcher who’s roles in the stated incident took part in taking the suspect safely into custody and keeping both the victim and the public safe.

  • Kai Viesca
  • Jordan Haren
  • Rick Olveda
  • Gabriel Garza
  • Christopher Trevino
  • Officer Juan Rios
  • Officer Reba Valdez
  • 81st DA Det. Daniel Kaufman
  • Dispatcher Samantha Trevino.